“Thank you for putting together an unforgettable performance for us”.
Mr. Panos Sarantopoulos, President and CEO, KRUG.

“Many congratulations for a marvellous concert in Moscow!!!”.
Miss Elena Demina, Marketing Deparment, Carrera y Carrera

“The Spanish Flamenco Ballet was superb; an amazing spectacle for eyes and ears in such a beautiful place as the Krizanke at Ljubljana Festival".
Mr. Darko Brlek, Ljubljana Festival's Artistic Director and President of the European Festivals Association (EFA-AEF) programmed one of our Flamenco Ballets at the Krizanke Summer Theatre, Slovenia's most popular outdoor concert venue

‘The show was overwhelming! The guests liked it a lot and all of your artists were wonderful. Thank you so much’.
Elisabetta Hartl. Medea Production. Kultur & Event GMBH.

‘I have to thank you again very much for putting it together. My expectations were more than met and I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the organisation. 
It was really better than I could have dreamed and my mother and friends were totally delighted with it. Everyone was blown away by the excellence of the performance! 
I must say all the performers were really very, very good indeed. I have enjoyed working with you and meeting all the members of the cast. I thoroughly enjoyed their company. Everyone was so warm, interesting and very charming’.
M. Dolores M.