Flamenco Agency: A team of cultural organisers specialised in management, festival and events organisation, consultancy and touring services.

We have obtained vital experience in important festivals, such as USA- London Flamenco Festival at the Carnegie Hall of NYC and at the Sadler’s Wells of London and artist agencies in London.

Flamenco Agency has placed their Flamenco artists & Spanish Flamenco Ballets in the most relevant Festivals and theatres of the World, such as festival members of the European Festival Association (EFA-AEF), as Ljubljana Festival, and Opera Houses, as Teatro Campoamor.

PhD Jaime Trancoso, founder and CEO, is a manager, cultural organiser, musicologist and pianist who was born in Triana, Seville; Best Doctoral Thesis Awarded by the City Hall of Seville. You can download his main research document about Flamenco music here:

This Doctoral Thesis is a pioneering journey through the fascinating history of piano flamenco and its special interest lies in analysing the musical corpus of more than 300 authors from 5 centuries of music, from the pre-flamenco to the current emerging artists.