Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born

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Avant HZ

Avant-garde is a collection of pieces in which dance and guitar free themselves from singing, breaking the traditional Flamenco trio, to represent brave new styles of Flamenco.

How do you dance to joyous lyrics without a singer? Can you dance wearing a traditional Bata de Cola dress without moving it?
Every interpretive, percussive, choreographic, and melodic resource must be fully exploited in order to do fulfill this unique dialogue which allows the possibility of Flamenco without singing, exempt from cliches and imposed structures.
The result is an intimate show that reveals infinite textures and wakes up our senses: a brave recital that keeps the spectator mesmorised by its boldness, feeling, and creative freedom.

Avant-garde is an act of freedom, a jump into the unknown, a risky adventure and, above all, an act of courage.