Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born

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Vanguardia HZ

Throughout the last 23 years, the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía has been a source of great talents who, in time, have become recognised artists, from Israel Galván, Patricia Guerrero, Isabel Bayón, and Rafael Campallo, to Rafaela Carrasco, Belén Maya, Fernando Romero, Mercedes Ruiz, María José Franco and Juan José Jaén “El Junco”, to name just a few. This school truly provides dancers with the opportunity to learn from the very best teachers.

This educational institution has become even stronger in the most recent part of its history: the project chosen for this period, led by Rafael Estevez, has converted the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía into an artistic space where the medium of dance finds a place in which it may express and develop its creative curiosity.

From this project, Cantera, a new show has emerged, in which the members of the institution create choreographies – under the expert direction of Valeriano Paños and Rafael Estévez – which artistically represent and demonstrate research into the history of Flamenco, of its dances and its musical codes, together with the inspiration of other art forms such as painting, photography, and cinema.

All this comes together in harmony in the show Flamenco, Tradición, Vanguardia, which is showing now. It is, without a doubt, the product of intensely hard team work, in which our most universal form of art sets off from Andalusia, and arrives all over the world, full of history, wisdom, and youth...