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"We are very happy to receive these (AC/E) grants, which really do help us in presenting artists from Spain!
Looking forward to further collaboration!."
Hilde Bjørkum
Director / artistic and managing director
Førde Traditional and World music Festival, Norway, July, 4.-8. 2018

 "I want express my deep gratitude for the great performance you brought to Latvia. Please send my best regards to every artist."

I.Z. Cesis Concert Hall

 "Thank you for the performance and for the professionalism shown in this year edition. Your presence at the festival marked a significant contribution and added value as evidenced by the successful reception of your performance from both the general and professional public.”

Mr. C. Chiriac. President of Sibiu International Theatre Festival

 "I am truly grateful to you for the warmth with which you have given us your time and resources. I believe that a large share of the applause goes to people like you whose unstinting support inspire and enable us to make each year more spectacular than ever. On behalf of the Festival Committee, may I say thank you again for your company’s participation in Bangkok’s 19th International Festival of Dance and Music."

J.S.U. Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music

 "Thank you again for your assistance in making some of the flamenco events of our flamenco days happening. It was overall successful and very well received."

Christina C. Scheppelmann. Director General Royal Opera House Muscat (Oman)

“The Spanish Flamenco Ballet was superb; an amazing spectacle for eyes and ears in such a beautiful place as the Krizanke at Ljubljana Festival."

Mr. Darko Brlek, Ljubljana Festival's Artistic Director and President of the European Festivals Association (EFA-AEF) programmed one of our Flamenco Ballets at the Krizanke Summer Theatre, Slovenia's most popular outdoor concert venue

"Thank you so much for your great performances and nice cooperation during the Førde Festival! The festival was a great success, we’ve got fantastic feedback from the audience and the media."

Sølvi Lien. Event Manager. Førde Traditional and World Music Festival (Norway)

 "This is a huge thank you for your wonderful professionalism, it was a pleasure to work with you, always so prompt, polite, nice and helpful!
Thank you for bringing over the Flamenco Ballet Company which was absolutely amaziiiing!! We loved them, the audience went crazy for them! The shows were fantastic!."

P. P. Festival Coordinator. Sibiu International Theatre Festival



"It was great being able to work with you and your very professional team."

Silversea Cruises

"It was our pleasure & I am sure we will have the show on again in a Spanish port in the near future."

Cruise Director. ACC. Royal Caribbean

 "The quality of the lecture information and the demos by the dancers were unquestionably top-notch. His organizational skills, and the quality of professionals he brought [onboard the cruise] with him was super. The on-deck event was fantastic. We featured a delicious Spanish BBQ, on a perfect evening. The sun was still out, the temperature was perfect, the flamenco guitarist was fantastic, the dancers passionate and lively, and the fans were the perfect touch. It was about as “Spanish” an evening as you can plan. When they invited guests to dance – it was the perfect encore.”

Entertainment Director. Carnival Group. Carnival Corporation & plc

 "It was our pleasure to serve as your hosts while on board.We enjoyed the programs you brought for our guests – everything was smooth and truly professional. The performances were exciting and the guests enjoyed it very much.I hope our paths cross again in the future.”

LB.A. Cruise Director. Carnival Group. Carnival Corporation & plc

 "It was a pleasure to have you all on board again and you are the talk of the ship today. Thank you again for being here on short notice and doing such an amazing job.”

L.E. Event Manager. Carnival Group. Carnival Corporation & plc

"It was a an absolute pleasure to have your group aboard. It was a smashing success !!!."

J.R. Cruise Director. Carnival Group. Carnival Corporation & plc

"Thank you for the continuous hard work you and your team have put into the shows. The guests are truly enjoying the culture and love of flamenco you bring each and every time. Once again thank you so much for the work you have put into these shows."

Entertainment. Carnival Group. Carnival Corporation & plc

"What a fantastic show you assembled for us! It was fresh, original and of the highest quality. Apparently the guests thought so too, as you could tell when they started to shout “Bravo!”. Thanks for bringing us a truly unique show – filled with the highest caliber musicians and dancers. Hope to see you again soon."

B.A. E. Cruise Director. Carnival Group. Carnival Corporation & plc



"So thankful for the passion and professionalism from you/Jaime and your very talented team of dancers and musicians. It would be a pleasure to work with you and The Flamenco Agency again any time."

Mario Giampaglia, Creative Director, i4D Event Services, Inc

"Many, many thanks for your professionalism, talent, attention to all details, and most of all for your delightful personalities."

J.P. Composer

"I just wanted to say thank you so much again for amazing performers, amazing direction and being so incredibly together and responsible in all ways."
J.P. HPE Discover Madrid

"Thank you so much for your excellent arrangements and a superb show. It was the highlight of the evening and our guest are still talking about it. Once again, thank you and the performers for an unforgettable evening."

Fiona Stuart-Wilson (The archduke´s Consort)

"Thanks again for all your help. You have very talented artist - couldn´t have asked for anything. Until next time!."

Amanda Schneider

 "Thank you for putting together an unforgettable performance for us.”

Mr. Panos Sarantopoulos, President and CEO, KRUG

 “Many congratulations for a marvellous concert in Moscow!!!.”

Miss Elena Demina, Marketing Deparment, Carrera y Carrera

 "The show was overwhelming! The guests liked it a lot and all of your artists were wonderful. Thank you so much."

Elisabetta Hartl. Medea Production. Kultur & Event GMBH

 "Thank you so much for all your help in creating such a spectacular evening. The part I enjoyed the most was watching all the guests faces when the artists began to dance – everyone seemed to be frozen with disbelief!!!.”

Harvard University Group

"Thanks for helping us reach such amazing dancers! It was a pleasure having you all on board."

Miss Silvia Cocco, Lanza & Baucina Ltd 

"We are always very impressed by the quality of your artists and shows! Till next time!."

Miss Federica Russo, Lanza & Baucina Ltd 



 "Jaime Trancoso specialises in representing flamenco artists and putting on unique shows around the world.”

Mr. George Scott. Hotel Trasierra (Seville, Spain)

"We are really pleased that everything worked perfectly and we would like to thank you for your availability with such short notice. The client has been talking marvellously about you; he is very happy.” 

Entertainment Executive, Alfonso XIII Hotel (Seville, Spain)

"No words are sufficient to thank you so very much for bringing those amazing flamenco artists. The success was expected after all your hard work and preparation as well as enthusiasm."

Abu Dhabi & Dubai Millennium Hotels (UAE)


"We are really happy because everything was perfect."

Account Executive, Hotel Barcelo Sevilla Renacimiento (Seville, Spain) 



 "The success and the quality of the artists were superb. We are extremely happy that we booked the artists with you!.”

Wedding at the Alfonso XIII Hotel, Seville

 "Thank you for being such an amazing part of my birthday! It would not have been anything like as special as it was without your incredible assistance. Your musicians were absolutely wonderful!.”

Private Client

 "The Flamenco Party we arranged for my guests was a huge hit!I owe you enormous thanks for making it so special!.”

Private Client

 "We thoroughly enjoyed your band performance! Thanks so much for bringing such amazing artists!.”

Private Client


"I have to thank you again very much for putting it together. My expectations were more than met and I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the organisation. It was really better than I could have dreamed and my mother and friends were totally delighted with it. Everyone was blown away by the excellence of the performance!. I must say all the performers were really very, very good indeed. I have enjoyed working with you and meeting all the members of the cast. I thoroughly enjoyed their company. Everyone was so warm, interesting and very charming."

M. Dolores M