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Flamenco is a very popular and expressive form of dancing. The four basic emotions that are shared by men from all ages: happiness, anger, sadness and fear. It has become well known all over the world. The USA now hosts numerous Flamenco shows and Japan has more flamenco academies than in Spain. Flamenco has recently been declared one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Flamenco Agency 

Flamenco Agency is comprised of a team of cultural organisers specialised in management, festival and events organisation, and consultancy and touring services. PhD Jaime Trancoso, is the founder and CEO of Flamenco Agency. He is a manager, cultural organiser, musicologist and pianist born in Triana, Seville. He was awarded the Best Doctoral Thesis by the City Hall of Seville in 2013.

Past Events
Flamenco Agency has placed their Flamenco artists & Spanish Flamenco Ballets in the most relevant Festivals and theatres of the World, such as festival members of the European Festival Association (EFA-AEF), as Ljubljana Festival, and Opera Houses, as Teatro Campoamor and the Royal Opera House Muscat. 

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